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Urban Infill Proposal

I’m currently serving as a committee member for the AIA Indianapolis Home Tour. As part of that process, we decided to host a gallery show as a means of generating buzz for the AIA and the home tour. What began as an offshoot has become a full-on event.. The gallery show will be composed of … Continue reading

$30k House – Competition Submission

UPDATE: This international design competition submission received an honorable mention! We’re not sure how many entries there were overall but the shortlist was 78, and ours was recognized as one of the best! We’re pretty pleased and we’re beginning to discuss getting one built! Stay tuned. Last week I wrapped up a submittal for the … Continue reading

Unacceptable Architecture; What the Window!?

I went for a walk last evening with my fiancé, and fellow designer friend, Lauren. We were heading out to get some exercise and to explore the site of a large fire that took place over the weekend. As usually happens on these sorts of excursions, we ended up getting into a full-on critique of … Continue reading

Fifties Furniture Quiz – Chair Edition

I have loved modern design for a large majority of my life. I also appreciate items of quality and character, as such I’m a huge fan of Mid-Century Modern (MCM) design. From architecture to furniture and skyscrapers to interior design, I’m pretty much a fan of it all. I checked out a book at the library … Continue reading

My Architectural Education; Shiny Happy Version

Several weeks ago I served on a panel discussion in regards to my architectural education. The audience was composed of high-schoolers who had competed in the Indiana High School Architectural Design Competition. The state-wide design competition is put on by the AIA Indiana with the goal of spreading architectural appreciation and encouraging the next generation of talented … Continue reading

Vintage Backyard Credenza

As a young graduate architect, I’m often sent to do the field work that isn’t worth anyone else’s time. This includes different things, but most often, it involves measuring existing buildings down to the quarter of an inch, both inside and out. Here in Indianapolis, many of the buildings we are working on have long … Continue reading

Pruitt-Igoe, Dumb Humans, and Natural Entropy

I just got back from viewing the very powerful film, “The Pruitt-Igoe Myth.” I was familiar with Pruitt-Igoe, but more from the standpoint of it being part of Minoru Yamasaki’s portfolio. Pruitt-Igoe was the perfect example of failed public housing. With great glee, people moved out of their slum and into their garden tower. Over the … Continue reading

Jay Shafer and Subtractive Design

Jay Shafer, “the tiny house guy”. I suppose he is potentially old news by now, but I only recently came across him. He gave a very inspiring and entertaining talk the other evening at Butler University, as part of the Butler Earth Project series. The place was packed, with people left standing in the back, … Continue reading

Julius Shulman THE Architectural Photographer

It always surprises me how ignorant I can be of certain aspects of architecture. The item I most recently discovered on my list of ignorance was architectural photography. I came across a film (Visual Acoustics) on Netflix about some Julius Shulman guy who was an architectural photographer. I try to watch just about anything I … Continue reading

Design Crunch Charrette

I made it down to the Earth House Collective for the first time this evening. They were hosting a design charrette to come up with some ideas for several areas around their building. It was aimed towards Landscape Architects, but anyone with creative ideas was welcome. The place is right down the street and I … Continue reading