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Architecture and Film; The Narrative

Originally published in the monthly paper of TU Delft’s ARGUS. Written by Ben McGhee. Architecture and Film; The Narrative “We didn’t really know what we were doing, we just did what we were interested in, what we loved. I think that’s when my interest in creating a kind of seamless combination of the virtual and the … Continue reading


Originally published in the monthly paper of TU Delft’s ARGUS. Written and illustrated by Ben McGhee. SuperDutch? “We’re not trying to be glassy and stylie, like your Foster and Rogers. Rotterdam has a big working class population, so the building needs to be pop. We didn’t want that contemporary poshness, or for it to feel like … Continue reading

Trash or Treasure: A Tale from Indianapolis

As we endlessly toil away on our house, I had a few interactions tonight that are worth sharing. Paul: I met Paul last evening in the alley behind our garage. Paul wears a flannel shirt and a straw hat, he pushes a garbage can strapped on top of a stroller. We routinely put our metal … Continue reading

Indianapolis Homeowner

While acknowledging that it’s been ages since I’ve posted on here. It’s for good reason, and as the title may have led you to believe, I did indeed purchase a home, and a sorry one at that. (I mentioned this was coming) Lauren and I have been beyond busy as we try to juggle gut … Continue reading

Transform + Transcend; Competition Submission

Last week I wrapped up a submittal for the Cape Cod Add-on competition. I had been formulating the design for at least a month or two, but of course pushed it off until the last week. Lauren Schmidt (my wife) teamed with me on the project. She was able to offer assistance in interpreting some of the … Continue reading

Evolution of Graphics

I’ve kept quite busy recently with my numerous commitments, but my main commitment has been revamping Indy’s Young Architects Forum’s image. We’ve been stuck with a low functioning website for quite some time, it needed an update. Along with that, I’ve never been a fan of the logo. After a few weeks of work I’m happy … Continue reading

“Light Village” The Bullet Points

AIA Indianapolis February Event @Sagamore Institute (awesome space) A John Waters presentation given by Scott Truex (awesome prof. from the Ball State planning dept) Green Block Denver John Waters Light Village. Integrated systems. $22,000 for a self-sustaining house, food, water, electric The clean electron is the future Smart batteries Today’s energy system would never be developed … Continue reading

Ben McGhee, LEED AP (in the making)

Just wanted to write a quick post about my recent decision to go ahead and become LEED accredited. I assume most people who have made it to this post are familiar with LEED, but just in case… LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. It is an internationally recognized program that rates buildings on their … Continue reading

Time for a House

The time has come, I’m no longer content living in a space that only allows me to paint it and rearrange its furniture. Apartment living is great, but as a designer, I’ve had enough, I want the ability to have an impact on my immediate surroundings. It’s taken a long time for this to outweigh … Continue reading

7 Reasons to go on the AIA Indy Home Tour

The architect’s home tour is finally here! If you’re still looking for a reason to go, here’s 7, one for each home on the tour. Saturday and Sunday 1 to 5. [1] Loft 700 / Christ Short / Super cool freestanding tub. If you’ve ever wanted a contemporary tub before, forget about it, you’ll now want … Continue reading