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“Light Village” The Bullet Points

AIA Indianapolis February Event

@Sagamore Institute (awesome space)

A John Waters presentation given by Scott Truex (awesome prof. from the Ball State planning dept)

Green Block Denver

John Waters

Light Village. Integrated systems.

$22,000 for a self-sustaining house, food, water, electric

The clean electron is the future

Smart batteries

Today’s energy system would never be developed again.

Very inefficient systems. About 10% efficient

Best engine is 40% efficient. Engine hasn’t ever evolved.

We have a very screwed up world.

We don’t want to build the rest of the world the way we did in the past 200 years

“Energy from heaven or energy from hell.” – Friedman

Haiti vs Dominican Republic, Haiti has been entirely deforested.

Not enough copper left in the world to rebuild our western infrastructure. 

LiBtWfI (lib-tweefee) or “Leave it better than we found it.” an organization, (note: little to no web presence yet)

Batteries are better than transporting energy miles and miles

Alex gave Ted talk. Average hand drill runs for 16 minutes over its lifetime. (note: can’t find that one, but here are some interesting Alex Ted Talks, Alexander Bok, Alex Steffen)

All batteries at 48 volts

Amish are switching to wind turbines and batteries instead of oil and kerosene.

You would never build the electric grid again. Way too expensive. Solar would win.

Electric cars are switching to leasing programs. Switching batteries at fill stations.


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Sustainable living and growing center being built in northern Indiana

(note: great presentation overall, lots to think about)

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