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Ben McGhee, LEED AP (in the making)

Just wanted to write a quick post about my recent decision to go ahead and become LEED accredited. I assume most people who have made it to this post are familiar with LEED, but just in case… LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. It is an internationally recognized program that rates buildings on their “greenness.” LEED is basically an organization that creates a checklist, you go through the building’s design and tally up points. If you get enough points then the building can be certified. It may sound simple, but in the world of architecture and development, LEED is a big deal.

I had originally planned on becoming accredited immediately upon graduation, it seemed like the thing to do. But in my work with A3design, we never did any LEED certified buildings, just wasn’t our market. Now that I’m working at BDMD, LEED is everywhere, it seems like a decent majority of the projects we work on pursue LEED certification, time to jump on the bandwagon. No sooner had I broached the topic did one of the partners mention that they will be needing someone with a LEED AP Homes designation. I made sure to jump on that right away, I love residential architecture, so I might as well. (There are several different classifications you can be accredited for.) It will also give me the chance to work on an awesome project down in Cincinnati, and I really like Cincinnati.

I just got signed up today, and I’ll be studying furiously over the next few weeks to make sure I know all the finer details of the program. I will actually have to pass two tests. The first test will classify me as a Green Associate… but I want to do better than that, so I’ll be taking the second test to get the Accredited Professional  Homes designation. Once I have the designation, I’ll be smart enough to make check-marks on paper. My goal is to have both tests passed by the end of April. In the meantime, I may post a few more times with more details about the process. Let me know if you want a personal answer to anything pertaining to LEED, otherwise just ask the google.

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