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Time for a House

The time has come, I’m no longer content living in a space that only allows me to paint it and rearrange its furniture. Apartment living is great, but as a designer, I’ve had enough, I want the ability to have an impact on my immediate surroundings. It’s taken a long time for this to outweigh all the positives of living in a relatively awesome downtown apartment but the time has come, I want a house. And not just any house I want one that’s already built, and I want a dump.

One of the foremost reasons is that I think it will be a great learning opportunity. What better way to increase my knowledge of construction than to get my hands dirty. In my day job I’m only exposed to slivers at a time, if I took on a house, I’d be forced to confront every detail along the way. In the end I may look back and say it was a huge mistake, but hopefully it’d still be worth it.

I’d also like the chance to add something design/build to my portfolio. One of the unfortunate outcomes of my education is that I was never able to participate in a design/build studio, this would give me a chance to participate in one of my own. While working in Indy for over a year I’ve grown tired of watching other people take the cheap or easy way out, I’d like to have the final say for once. I think that with the design skills of myself and Lauren, my wife, we’d be able to turn out a very high-end product, which leads into my next point…

We should be able to make a dump a heck of a lot more valuable. Houses around here are cheap, real cheap, and with some well placed efforts I think we’d be able to get a very solid return on our investment. Or at least not lose money, as we do living in an apartment.

We’ve been looking at houses for a couple of months now, but haven’t quite found the right one yet. There have been a few that we’ve really liked, but not quite enough to pull the trigger on. Every time we’ve looked at one I’ve sketched down a quick floor plan and Lauren’s run around taking pictures of everything. If nothing else we at least have something to pine for and scheme over for a few days. The pictures below are from a few of the houses we’ve seen and a few of the sketches I’ve done.

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