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7 Reasons to go on the AIA Indy Home Tour

The architect’s home tour is finally here! If you’re still looking for a reason to go, here’s 7, one for each home on the tour. Saturday and Sunday 1 to 5.

[1] Loft 700 / Christ Short / Super cool freestanding tub. If you’ve ever wanted a contemporary tub before, forget about it, you’ll now want this one instead.

[2] Adagio / Chris Short / Highest views and highest quality finishes on the tour. Seriously, be sure to look at more than just the outside, this space is amazing.

[3] Lockerbie Park / Mark Demerly /historic home brand-new home in historic Lockerbie Square. It blends in perfectly, check out how well it melds with its contemporary interior.

[4] urbanhomeINDY / Brian Burtch / It’s 701 Shelby, you know you’ve seen the outside, now come explore the inside, custom pallet ceilings, custom steel stair (fabricated by the architect and myself) , ikea cabinets, concrete floors…

[5] Pratt House / Jim McQuiston / I didn’t get a chance to see this one, but it’s Jim McQuiston’s home and he submitted for the AIA 1×20 show, so it must be cool.

[6] Cooper House / Mark Beebe / Think designing in a flood plain is too difficult? It’s not. Mark Beebe did an excellent job with this contemporary home. Make sure to pay attention to the window placement, they always seem to capture just the right view.

[7] Cabin(s) in the Woods / Paul Puzzello / The architects involved sought to challenge the home typology. They did a good job, most thought-provoking home on the tour.

More info on everything here. Hope to see you out there!

Just one of several pieces of custom metal work on the tour.

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