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Design Crunch Charrette

I made it down to the Earth House Collective for the first time this evening. They were hosting a design charrette to come up with some ideas for several areas around their building. It was aimed towards Landscape Architects, but anyone with creative ideas was welcome. The place is right down the street and I knew I had to be there.

As soon as I got there I knew there was a problem, I couldn’t find the entry (and neither could the several other people I saw peering around corners for a promising door). So once things got going, I made sure that I took on wayfinding as a serious part of my design.

I set up shop at the design capsule that focused on the main entry/ bike storage/ dumpster area. It had a lot going on, and I believed a simple solution could pull the whole space together. The Earth House has access to pretty much anything they want when it comes to recycled materials so I came up with a design that would be constructed entirely from recycled wood from RebuildIndy. After watching a house get torn down all day, I knew that there was plenty of wood siding to go around in this city.

My simple solution shielded the “back-side” functions, highlighted the entry, and provided plentiful bike parking. This sculptural solution was composed of one “piece.” See some images below.

My design was chosen as the winner by the judges and we moved on to round two. I became the leader of everyone at my station and we started working on combining several successful aspects from other designs into my original one. Once we were all (mainly myself, Michael Bricker, and Paul Puzello) working together it became a bit more difficult to make conclusive decisions. But I was pleased with what we came up with.

Overall it was a lot of fun to get together with fellow designers and charrette out some ideas. I think it also reaffirmed that I really enjoy sharing my idea’s with others. I love standing in front of a group and sharing with them what I’ve come up with. It was also fun to be able to design without having to worry about pleasing anyone but my design sense and the program, it ends up being a better project.

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