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Jay Shafer and Subtractive Design

Jay Shafer, “the tiny house guy”. I suppose he is potentially old news by now, but I only recently came across him. He gave a very inspiring and entertaining talk the other evening at Butler University, as part of the Butler Earth Project series. The place was packed, with people left standing in the back, … Continue reading

Julius Shulman THE Architectural Photographer

It always surprises me how ignorant I can be of certain aspects of architecture. The item I most recently discovered on my list of ignorance was architectural photography. I came across a film (Visual Acoustics) on Netflix about some Julius Shulman guy who was an architectural photographer. I try to watch just about anything I … Continue reading

Design Crunch Charrette

I made it down to the Earth House Collective for the first time this evening. They were hosting a design charrette to come up with some ideas for several areas around their building. It was aimed towards Landscape Architects, but anyone with creative ideas was welcome. The place is right down the street and I … Continue reading